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Eine der schönsten Anlagen der Stadt
Eine der schönsten Anlagen der Stadt

Robert Johnson

Nordring 131
63067 Offenbach


Come on in my kitchen...Frisch erschienen: ein Bildband über den coolsten Club Deutschlands.

Located next to the river Main and merely a cat’s hop away from money makin’ Frankfurt, Offenbach’s Robert Johnson is a heavenly haven. We know: Undeniably, every club tries to emblaze itself with a tag like that. They really do. Truly though, Robert Johnson is a rare breed. Equipped with a brilliant sound system of just the right size, some TV monitors with looped images instead of an gigantic laser beams, a wooden floor and moveable objects and an open balcony with river view, this first floor rectangle is as close as you can get to a perfect space for dancing pleasures. The result is an intimate place, where everything is centred on music instead of the other way. The consequence? As the brainchild of DJ Ata (co-founder of Playhouse records and the likes) and his companion Sebastian Kahrs, Robert Johnson attracts a diverse audience and a large variety of artists. On any given weekend, you will find larger-than-life DJs like Ricardo Villalobos or Richie Hawtin followed on by underground disco ambassadors, deep house nerds and homegrown talent. Accompanied by carefully placed art from the loving hands of people like Stefan Marx or Carsten Fock, the club’s make-up changes from time to time (particularly with special Christmas decorations), but its heart always stays the same. For those abroad or unable to make it, we recommend the Live at Robert Johnson mix series hosted by residents like Chloé, Prins Thomas, Gerd Janson, Roman Flügel and the likes.
Don’t stop the dance.


24:00 Uhr - Uhr
24.00 Uhr - Uhr