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Reconstruction of Kaiserlei, 2017-2020

This page provides summarized information on the Kaiserlei Reconstruction from 2017 to 2020.

The roundabout is currently used by approximately 66,000 vehicles per day. This number is expected to rise to 94,000 vehicles per day within the next few years. The large roundabout in the Commercial Kaiserlei district is no longer able to cope with such large volumes of traffic.

“We want to make Offenbach fit for the future with the development of the Kaiserlei commercial district. This also entails the creation of an efficient transport link to further utilise our excellent location in the heart of the Rhine-Main region. Having prepared a joint city map, Offenbach and Frankfurt will also be able to enjoy better transport links with a direct connection, undisrupted by the connection to the motorway”, says the mayor, Horst Schneider. The city of Frankfurt is supporting the project with its own resources. Just under half of the funding is being provided by the state of Hesse, with the federal government also contributing considerable funds.

The overall reconstruction is the largest transport infrastructure project in Offenbach to date. Its primary purpose is to break up traffic flows and separate regional and local transport. Thus, the city of Offenbach is also pursuing the goal of optimising the flow of traffic in the Kaiserlei district following the construction of the new European Central Bank premises in Frankfurt’s Ostend district and the Osthafenbrücke.

“The reconstruction of the Kaiserlei district is a showcase of the municipal cooperation between Frankfurt and Offenbach. As from the end of this year, our two cities will be connected by a quick and direct road link.” In addition to this, the mayor emphasised that Offenbach will be gaining commercial premises in a prime location. “The construction work commencing now consequently plays a vital role in propelling the Kaiserlei district to its new position as a lucrative centre for commerce.”

In order to improve the efficiency of the transport hub as an important connection between Offenbach and Frankfurt, and as a major route to Frankfurt airport, the roundabout will be replaced with intersections and a direct connection between Frankfurt and Offenbach.

In the future, the four-lane Strahlenbergerstraße will be directly connected to the A661. New ramps resting on pillars are to be constructed as bridge constructions to facilitate this new connection. The foundations of the pillars are firmly anchored in the ground using a special procedure. In the future, traffic between Frankfurt and Offenbach will pass over the newly merged Kaiserleipromenade and Berli­ner Straße.

The Berliner Straße will be linked to the Kaiserleipromenade through the A661. A new turning will also be constructed at the other end of the Kaiserleipromenade, connecting it to the Strahlenbergerstraße. According to current planning, the extended Kaiserleipromenade is anticipated to be open to road traffic in October 2017.

The reconstruction work will also improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians. Cycle paths and pavements will be upgraded and supplemented with improved disabled access and pass above ground between Frankfurt and Offenbach. Guidance strips will direct pedestrians to traffic lights. The underpass, which has already been closed, will be deconstructed.

Compensation for the impact on nature conservation

Construction work will be split into 5 construction phases and shall be completed by 2020 - provided there are no unforeseen delays. At the same time, employees from the SOH city service division are overseeing the construction of a sewer overflow for the development of the freed-up spaces. Other firms are using the reconstruction as an opportunity to relay supply lines for electricity, gas, water, sewage, telecommunications and district heat.

Compensation for the impact on nature conservation is achieved through street greening and measures in the Mainbogen-Weidenplacken area. The already completed resettlement of the sand lizard and the planting of hedgerows for linnets and goldfinches took place in compliance with the species protection law.

An extra 1.8 hectares of space to house companies

The demolition of the roundabout signifies the go-ahead for further urban development of the surrounding business park which is located in both the Offenbach and Frankfurt districts. Offenbach gains an extra 1.8 hectares of space to house companies from the inner area of the roundabout. In the course of the implementation of the master plan, the business park will be transformed into a modern, centrally located Kaiserlei services park. In the medium and long term, the city will be able to develop approximately 15 hectares. Subsequent projects will likely see other plots opening up along the Stockholmer and Lissabonner Straße.

The costs amount to 41 million Euro

Total project costs currently amount to 41 million Euro. The federal government is contributing 8,833,000 Euro to the costs, with the state of Hesse contributing 15,603,500 Euro. Municipal contributions: Frankfurt is paying 8,775,000 Euro, Offenbach 4,928,500 Euro. Offenbach expects further contributions.

Legal requirements stipulate that residents of Strahlenbergerstraße must subsidise the project with ‘street fees’, which are to be distributed amongst the individual properties - something which cannot be calculated at this point in time.

Project management for the reconstruction of this important transport hub is carried out by the city of Offenbach’s Department for Urban Planning, Transport and Construction Management. “We have invested a large amount of time in the planning and technical consultation of this complex project with all of the companies and authorities involved in order to pave the way for an ideally smooth construction process, and to minimise disruption for road users. Now we are looking forward to getting under way with the actual construction work,” explained the head of department, Markus Eichberger. OPG GmbH was commissioned to manage the project. The Department for Public Relations provides up-to-date information at and on Facebook and Twitter.

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