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Stadt Offenbach

Commercial premises in the Kaiserlei district

A new services location is developing at the gateway to the city

Commercial premises

The route to Offenbach travels through Kaiserlei; regardless of whether it’s via the airport, motorways or public transport. Forward-looking companies will be connected here, creating a collective service location. Kaiserlei is receiving a makeover.

As a ‘gate to the city’, the location lies in the heart of the FrankfurtRhineMain metropolitan region. The attractive property prices, low property and business tax rates and excellent transport links via road and rail have already proved themselves to be ideal conditions for globally renowned companies such as Daimler Benz and Hyundai. Banks such as the ‘Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank des Landes Hessen’ (WI-Bank) are already represented in Kaiserlei. 

Direct access to the world's largest internet exchange, DE-CIX, optimally connects the companies established there. Open areas for creative development and landscaping, the bank of the Main as a place to spend free time and relax, the planned brand new Kaiserlei-Promenade - it’s hard to find a city that provides investors with as many opportunities to participate.

The current transport hub shall be transformed into two efficient intersections.

  • The flow of traffic will be significantly improved, providing everyone with quicker access to the area. 
  • Two new building plots will be built on 1.8 hectares in a lucrative postal code - the perfect place for businesses of all sizes. 
  • Due to the changes in traffic management and the relocation of motorway access, the city has gained an attractive entrance: the newly built and green Kaiserlei-Promenade.

From 2019, companies will be able to establish themselves in the freed-up areas and bring new jobs to Offenbach.

The Main will become the perfect lunch break location, easily accessible via the new paths. Or, alternatively, lunch breaks may be spent in one of the many restaurants which have revitalised the district. The park by Nordkap will also become a centre of leisure activities, offering a vast array of fun activities for the evenings, which are also open to the inhabitants of the adjacent Nordend.

All things considered, in the future, Kaiserlei won’t just be limited to office spaces, but will offer a variety of different uses.


More diversified, livelier, greener - the new profile of Kaiserlei appeals to employers and employees alike. With this, there is a departure from the usual focus on large properties to a broad mix of requirements. Companies are able to find space for small, high-quality units or for large-scale buildings for representative purposes. Restaurants and retail facilities are also facilitating the creation of an attractive working environment. The green bank of the river Main will also be revitalised, consequently combining work with recreation. A new sport and leisure park will increase the quality of the services location, which seeks to appeal to both companies and employees.

Offenbach - the business hub

The city of the Main offers everything investors, creators and the movers and shakers of this world dream of. Open spaces, a place to play, room for ideas and a vast array of development opportunities. Do business in the best location, working and living 4.0 - Offenbach is open for the future and the next generation.

With 132,000 inhabitants, the fifth largest city in Hesse is an important part of the FrankfurtRhineMain metropolitan area. The city on the river boasts a unique character and a wide range of prospects for the quality of experience and urban production. Innovators have successfully established their place here alongside service providers and creatives, who are enjoying unlimited freedom.

Offenbach is home to the headquarters of international companies and the location of many small and mid-size enterprises. Large business parks, multiple commercial areas, the ostpol° business pioneer centre with an advisory office, all-round service, conference rooms and the Zollamt Studio open house all provide companies with numerous opportunities. There is a favourable price-to-performance ratio for property investors who rent commercial property, complemented by low property and business tax rates.


A top business hub requires top transport connections. That’s where Offenbach provides. Four S-Bahn lines and four motorway connections travel along the fastest route into Frankfurt City (10 minutes with the S-Bahn), to the airport (26 minutes with the S-Bahn), and to the Messe. The Frankfurt intersection, the A661 and the A3 are situated in the immediate vicinity of the business park. There is also an excellent connection to local and regional freight transport.


It’s often hard to find the right apartment in the Rhine-Main area. That’s not the case in Offenbach. There are a wide range of attractive properties on offer, fit for any budget and with varying amounts of furniture. From a 19th century apartment in a flourishing inner city area, to living on the river or in a house in the country.


Offenbach has (almost) everything that distinguishes the neighbouring Frankfurt - but at much a lower price. The city offers many attractive property and business tax assessment rates alongside cheap commercial premises. Approximately 50,000 employees work in roughly 17,000 companies. The large industrial and business parks can be found along the dual carriageways; the A3, A661, B43 and B448. The Kaiserlei business park, for example, which lies in the north-west adjacent to Frankfurt, and is one of the top locations for office services.

A city of start-ups

Start-ups that move here, move further. The network in the start-up city, Offenbach, and the ostpol° start-up campus offer advice and assistance to young entrepreneurs eager to set up an independent business. There are 33 offices available to be rented cheaply in the ostpol° start-up centre. In addition to this, low-interest loans are granted.

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