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Stadt Offenbach

City Health Authority Offenbach - Information on Your Coronavirus Infection

This is a translation of the official information letter issued by the Health Authority for the city of Offenbach am Main.

Dear Sir or Madam

You have tested positive for the coronavirus

For this reason, you must isolate yourself at home with immediate effect.

1.) You are in quarantine. This means no contact with other people. You could infect other people.

Quarantine lasts 14 days. The first day is the day on which the test was carried out.

(Example: you were tested by your GP on 1st September – in this case, your quarantine lasts up to and including 15th September – you may return to work on 16th September.)

This applies equally to people who have no symptoms of illness and feel well (day of the test plus 14 days).

2.) Children, spouses, common-law spouses and everyone living in your household (your house or flat) who has close contact to you may no longer go to school, kindergarten or work.

Quarantine for fellow members of your household lasts 10 days.

Quarantine for people who have been in contact with you may be reduced from the 5th day onwards by taking a PCR test, or on the 7th day by taking a rapid antigen test. The contact persons must organise this and pay for it themselves.

Special rules: contacts who have been vaccinated or who have recovered

People who are fully vaccinated or who have recovered do not have to go into quarantine, provided they display no typical symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. coughing, sore throat, loss of smell and/or taste, etc.). They must send proof of this to the Health Authority.

The vaccination certificate (photo or scan with names) or certificate of recovery must be sent to hit.gesundheitsamtoffenbachde by email, and will be reviewed by the Health Authority.

If any contact tests positive despite having been vaccinated, they must go into quarantine.

3.) If you have been vaccinated, you can submit your test result to your employer. The employer can use this to apply for the appropriate income replacement payment at the Darmstadt Regional Administrative Council. Your spouse/children/common-law spouse who are in quarantine as contacts will receive a separate segregation order.

Note: since 1st November 2021, unvaccinated persons are not entitled to compensation in accordance with the Infection Protection Act Section 56 para. 1 in the form of continued payment of wages if they have to go into quarantine as contact persons or after returning from travel.   


4.) If you have severe symptoms of illness, contact your GP by telephone. If he or she cannot be contacted, e.g. in the evening or at the weekend, call 116 117 or, in serious cases (e.g. severe respiratory difficulties), 112.

5.) The city police will check whether people are really staying at home. You may not visit anyone, and you may not receive any visitors. The Offenbach Health Authority will inform you how long you must remain isolated from other people.

6.) If any of your immediate family work in an old people’s home, a hospital or a nursing service, or any other community institution, the management must be informed.

7.) An employee of the City Health Authority will contact you to discuss various points with you.

Please note that because of the high number of cases there will be a delay before contact is made. 

8.) Please take your time to think about who outside your family you have had contact with up to two days before your symptoms appeared or before the test for the coronavirus. Tell these people immediately that they also need to stay at home: they may already be infected.

Ask these contacts to click on the following link and complete the contact form. The Health Authority will then contact them:

You must do the following:

Up to the end of isolation you must:

  • take your temperature twice a day;
  • keep a daily diary of your symptoms, body temperature, general activities and contact with other people (for the previous days, as far as you can remember);

in addition, you must observe the following hygiene rules:

  • keep your contact with other people to the minimum possible;
  • as far as possible, stay separated from other members of your household, both temporally and physically. You can maintain temporal separation by, for instance, not eating meals together, but one after the other. You can maintain physical separation by, for instance, staying in a different room from other members of the household;
  • keep your distance from other people when you cough or sneeze, and turn away from them. Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow or use a tissue and throw this away immediately. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

We offer support:

Don’t worry. In most cases the Covid-19 virus only causes mild illness and is similar to a normal flu-like infection. It is important, however, that you do not infect anyone else. Old people and people who are already sick are particularly at risk. If you feel very unwell, call your GP. If you are unable to contact him or her, call 116 117. If you have severe respiratory difficulties, call the emergency number, 112.

Parents can find information relating to schools/kindergartens and the coronavirus on the following web page:


Yours faithfully

Dr Bernhard Bornhofen
Head of Department / Public Health Officer, Health Authority

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