In 2020, the Kaiserlei roundabout will have been replaced by new intersections to separate traffic. There will be a direct connection from Frankfurt to Offenbach. New traffic light-controlled intersections will connect Strahlenbergerstraße with the A661. The animation shows the flow of traffic during the morning commute with the projected traffic streams on the new routes. Urban developments have been taken into account. The simulation was based on predefined traffic light circuits. In fact, Offenbach is now building interactive traffic lights, which are controlled via powerful programs depending on the current traffic.
Animation of traffic management in Kaiserlei 2020 © Stadt Offenbach/V-KON media

Note on playback quality: The display of this video can be changed to HD in the video settings on the bottom right. Playback speed can also be altered e.g. halved.

Note on traffic backlog at traffic lights: The traffic forecast for the morning commute with the new traffic management system was implemented from a simulation in the animation. The simulation was based on predefined traffic light circuits. Because of this, some parts of the animation show traffic backlogs at traffic lights. From 2020 onwards, the installed light signal systems will react to the current traffic, and will be controlled by powerful programs.