The reconstruction of the Kaiserlei roundabout will take place with the roads remaining open to traffic. Work will commence in early 2017 and is projected to be complete by the end of 2019. Traffic management will change multiple times during this period - all present transport relations will, however, remain unchanged.
Bauphasen Kaiserlei Umbau
Construction phases © Stadt Offenbach

Construction Phase



3 months

The first construction phase marks the commencement for the development of the Kaiserleipromenade. The connection to Strahlenbergerstraße, the still-absent traffic lane in the S-Bahn entrance area and the future continuous lane between Kaiserleipromenade and Berliner Straße will be constructed. At the same time, temporary lanes will be constructed next to the motorway to enable the reconstruction of the southbound entry and exit ramps during the next phase. The new transport hub will be constructed within the roundabout to connect Strahlenbergerstraße to the BAB661.


5 month

New bridge construction work will begin for the exit and entry ramps to the motorway during the second construction phase. Temporary access roads to and from the A661 will be operational in the southern area of the roundabout. Berliner Straße and Kaiserleipromenade will be completed. A temporary lane will be constructed in the Gerbermühlstraße/Kaiserleipromenade area to enable the development of the new transport hub in the next Phase.


14 months

During the third phase, the northern area of the Strahlenbergerstraße will be extended towards Frankfurt. There will be construction on the entry and exit ramps for the A661, whereby half of the lanes will be blocked. The bridge construction work will be completed. The surface of Kaiserleistraße will be adjusted to suit the requirements of future traffic management. The new bus turnaround system will be completed.


8 months

During the fourth phase, the southern area of the Strahlenbergerstraße will be extended towards the city centre. The previous roundabout and temporary arrangements, which are no longer required, will be removed.


3 month

During the fifth phase, the west section of Berliner Straße will be extended - estimated full closure. The final substitute roads will be removed.