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Stadt Offenbach

Getting started - first steps

You want to stay? Here you will find some addresses and tips to make it easy to start in Offenbach.


The first step on your arrival in Offenbach will take you to the "Bürgerbüro" (OF). There you have to register personally within one week with a valid address, a confirmation of accommodation and an identity document (passport or identity card). 

By the way: In Germany you need a bank account. It is not possible to open an account without registering with the Bürgerbüro. Without a bank account you cannot make many payments legally.

Apartments in the Rhine-Main region, but especially in Frankfurt, are comparatively expensive. In Offenbach and Frankfurt, there are also cheap flats, so-called "social flats". For these you must submit an "application" to the housing office. In Offenbach it is possible to apply for a "Wohnungsberechtigungsschein" after registering at the Bürgerbüro. The housing entitlement certificate is issued after examination of the documents. However, this is no guarantee of affordable housing.

Business & Work

Close to Frankfurt Airport and Finance District it's no surprise that many expats are proud to call Offenbach home. The City offers an great varity of possibilities in the heart of a vibrant region. Some of the largest international companies operating in the RheinMain-Area and even if Startups or Media are more your scene you´ll be lucky here. If you have a specific company or role in mind, our local jobcenter

If you’ve got a job offer, and employer visa sponsorship in hand already, then you can start to tick off more practical considerations. Find out more about getting a place to live with the helpful advice and practical support available from our city council. And don’t forget to check out the rules on residence and settlement as you might need to register your stay even if you’re an EU citizen if you’re planning on staying here for the long term.

for cost of living information, compared to your current home, try

vhs Volkshochschule Offenbach

Improve your skills!

The process of learning never ends, the vhs offers a great varity of different courses, no matter if you want to learn a language, cooking or join a yoga-class, improve your skills :-)

Offenbach with kids - Kindergarten, Schools & Activities

Especially young families appreciate the city because of its central location in the midst of the Rhine-Main area, its urban character and good education, childcare and care services. Last but not least Offenbach has a high recreational value, numerous playgrounds, sports facilities and green spaces invite to outdoor activities.

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