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Stadt Offenbach

Innovation Campus Offenbach

For more than a century, the chemical industry was an important economic factor for Offenbach and helped shape the urban landscape.

But the production facilities have now disappeared and what remains is the former Clariant site, a 36-hectare industrial wasteland in the east of the city and the largest coherent inner-city development area in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. 

On assignment from the city of Offenbach, the newly founded municipal utility subsidiary INNO Innovationscampus Offenbach GmbH & Co. KG will develop the area into a future-oriented industrial location. According to the specifications of the master plan of the City of Offenbach, the former chemical site is now to be developed into the Innovation Campus Offenbach, a bustling location for future-oriented companies and initiatives from as many different sectors as possible. In developing the Innovation Campus, INNO is drawing on the expertise of its affiliated company OPG Offenbacher Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, which has already developed the former industrial Offenbach Harbour (available only in German) into a residential and commercial location with a high sojourn quality.

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